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Cutting trees and ecosystem preservation : EcoTree's sustainable forestry management

Why does EcoTree cut trees ? 

EcoTree International & EcoTree France take a 'Close-to-nature' approach to sustainable forestry management. They balance economic value and ecosystem preservation through reasoned, sustainable forestry. But what does that actually entail?

  • Reasoned and selective cutting

In their forests, EcoTree avoids clear-cutting by favouring irregular or mixed forestry with continuous cover. Cutting wood does not kill the forest but supports nature's regeneration.

  • The wisdom of harvesting trees

Cutting down trees isn't a forest massacre - it's a strategic dance with nature. Their foresters selectively harvest and remove trees to open the forest canopy without brutally exposing the ground, allowing natural regeneration and contributing to the forest's rejuvenation.

  • Nature's blueprint

Sustainable forestry mimics nature, expediting its processes. EcoTree harvests trees in proportions that guarantee successful regeneration, maintaining the forest's biological diversity and vitality.

  • Timber storing CO2 over the long term

Their forest management's method aims to produce mainly timber, which is considered a "noble" service because it stores hashtag#CO2 over the long term. This wood is, for example, used in construction and furniture making. Sometimes, the trees they cut, particularly during thinning or partitioning, are used to supply the energy and paper industry.

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