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College Life is a global hub for international students & graduates in 66 countries. Its mission is to bridge the gap by connecting foreign students, alumni & organisations around the world.

We support building an inclusive society allowing everyone to feel welcome . No matter your background, ethnicity, race or class, we will strive to create opportunities allowing you to integrate seamlessly and feel valued - no matter whether you’re abroad, or at home.

We strongly believe that diversity allows cities, regions & nations to thrive. Diversity is the backbone of creating a culture-add environment, instead of one that is a culture-fit. Celebrating it allows us to shape the world towards better. We believe in creating a fair world in which everyone has an equal opportunity to live out their dreams.

By promoting equality, we aim to remove biases in all shapes & sizes. There should be no characteristics that should single anyone out.


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Kristian Voldrich - Linkedin

Founder & Managing Director

+31 (0)6 1933 1671




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