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Cocktail CERTA Advocaten ''Haring & Summer Party''

4 juillet 2024

On July 4th, we were welcomed by CERTA advocaten in their magnificent garden on the Keizersgracht for our last event before the summer break. 

During this cocktail & networking evening, good mood and friendly atmosphere were there. We also had the chance to try the new herring !


About CERTA Advocaten

CERTA Advocaten, which means Certainty is Latin, is a mid-sized law firm with a multidisciplinary international team. 

CERTA Advocaten has several areas of knowledge which allows them to better understand your industry, address your company's specific issues, and understand your business and goals. Their expertise include corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, employment and benefits, insolvency, real estate and administrative law.

CERTA Advocaten is also a proud member of two international networks, including LAWorld, where Matthijs Bos, is the global chairman. These connections give them global reach and expertise, helping their clients worldwide.


About the new herring

In the Netherlands, herring has been eaten for many centuries, initially for home consumption. The herring fleet started around the year 1000, but herring fishing became significant in the 14th century when herring gutting was invented. This process involved removing the intestines and salting the fish, making herring a staple food. It was cheap, nutritious, and could be preserved well, becoming a major export for Amsterdam traders.

Although the herring is now mostly caught in Norwegian, Scottish, or Danish waters, the traditional Dutch preparation method is still used. In France, especially Normandy, herring is also celebrated, often grilled with lemon and white wine, unlike the Dutch who eat it raw.

There are different ways to eat herring in the Netherlands. In Rotterdam, people grab it by the tail, dip it in onions, and eat it whole. In Amsterdam, herring is cut into pieces with onions and a sour gherkin on the side. This tradition started to make herring more affordable for everyone.


Did you know ?

The "Hollandse Nieuwe" herring is at least three years old, caught between May and July, and prepared in a traditional way. It must have a minimum fat percentage of 16%.

Today, herring must be frozen before consumption to kill parasites, making it safe and healthy to eat. Herring is rich in omega-3 fats, which lower cholesterol.

Thank you CERTA advocaten for hosting the members of the Business Club and for creating such a pleasant atmosphere where one could easily meet new people & extend its network.

For any inquiries, reach out to Matthijs Bos, Serena Bank, Rogier Visser, Robin de Jong, Barbara Veldmaat, Krista Mol, Sharif Ali, Noah Zwartjes, Seerp Gratama.

Please visit our photo gallery below to view some of our favorite pictures from this event.

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