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Bureau Veritas | Shaping a better environment

Every day, at Bureau Veritas we help our clients reduce their risks, notably related to environmental protection and social responsibility.
In parallel, we must be exemplary ourselves in reducing our impact and Shaping a Better Environment.
Our ambition is to be a role model in carbon footprint reduction and biodiversity protection.


Our value creation

  • Growing investments and use of new technologies
  • ISO 14001 certification for responsible development and progress 
  • Signature of climate pledge and biodiversity pledge
  • New environment friendly policies: travel, buildings, flexible work, biodiversity…


Bureau Veritas contribution to United Nations' sustainable development goals : 


UNO sustainable development goal number 13 with text in english

Our commitment

  • Implementing our policies 
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by: 
    o   Reshuffling our vehicle fleet
    o   Reducing the energy consumption of our various facilities
    o   Adapting our travel behaviors
    o   Reducing GHG emissions and adapting to climate changes
  • Achieving 2 tons of CO2 emissions1 per employee (per annum) by 2025 
  • Supporting biodiversity preservation
  • Promoting circular economy internally

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For more information, you can contact David Jarris or Marijke Paalvast or visit their website

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