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Bolloré Logistics wins the Ecovadis Platinum Rating

On 27 April 2021, Bolloré Logistics was awarded the Platinum medal by EcoVadis after receiving an overall score of 76/100. This top-tier level recognises the company’s structured and proactive efforts in terms of sustainable development, and the score places Bolloré Logistics among the leading transport and logistics players, whose scores are averaged at 42/100. The company now ranks in the top 1% of the best-rated companies according to EcoVadis benchmarks. 


This evaluation is the fruit of Bolloré Logistics’ maturing CSR programme launched in 2018 under the name “Powering Sustainable Logistics”. Addressing ethical, social and environmental issues of the company’s value chain, the programme mobilises all Bolloré Logistics employees and targets, in particular the UN’s eight Sustainable Development Goals. Each year, the company’s CSR report presents its tangible results and the action plans that have been rolled out. 


“This Platinum medal recognises the efforts led by our employees worldwide to boost our progress in all CSR topics. It is a collective commitment fuelled by our annual AcTogether challenge, an inter-country competition which encourages employees to engage in sustainable development efforts or projects,” explains Odile Maarek, CSR Director of Bolloré Logistics.


By setting increasingly bold objectives covering an ever-broadening scope, Bolloré Logistics aims to integrate CSR issues into its daily operations at each stage of its supply chain in a commitment to more responsible practices and to customer support towards sustainable international growth. 

Source : Bolloré Logistics Wins the EcoVadis Platinum Rating - Bolloré Logistics ( 

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