"Back&Safe" : a global contact tracing system by Sia Partners

Sia Partners offers  a global contact tracing system "Back&Safe" (iPhone and SiaAndroid smartphone app, web portal for medical authorities and datascience algorithms). With combined effort of consultants from Sia Partners, we managed to deliver a fully operational "StopC19" app. 

Several components and ideas we designed for StopC19 have been reused by French government official "StopCovid" contact tracing project, and discussions are on-going for some other countries (for contact tracing connoisseurs, StopC19 uses a decentralized protocol, when French StopCovid uses a centralized one).

Our knowledge and expertise learned during StopC19 project are built in this Corporate App, Business-2-Employees, aiming to facilitate post-lockdown management at enterprise level.

Check below the detailed presentation of "Back&Safe" solution, a smartphone app for employees, web portal for HR teams and site managers, advanced features like contact tracing or site occupancy management through beacons. 






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Jorn Fokkens (Senior Manager HR & Change) ; Robert Jan Van Vliet (Partner Energy & Utilities at Sia Partners and Managing Partner NL)

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