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Aperi'Tech with Lunatech

On 1st June 2022, we had the great honor to be reunited in Rotterdam in Lunatech’s offices for our Aperi’Tech event, part of the Upstream Festival.

Gathered on the 22nd floor where we had a sumptuous view of Rotterdam’s skyscrapers and a beautiful sunset, this event was the perfect opportunity for our guests to meet, exchange and debate about the Tech sector.


Our participants were therefore start-ups, young entrepreneurs, students, members and guests, that is to say people from different and diverse sectors but who all have in common a great interest in Tech.


Our event started by a small pitch-session. Invited first on stage, Nicolas du Manoir (CCO at Lunatech) presented the company to the audience and welcomed them.

Then, Solène Jimenez from Tech4Team pitched about Arenametrix, a data-marketing platform which centralizes all data in a deduplicated and enriched database.

Kristian Voldrich introduced College Life Work, a global career platform connecting top young talent and leading firms. Last but not least, Guus van Heijningen presented his company PEAX, a digital postbox that helps to simplify business.


Our Aperi’Tech was then followed by a quiz organized by Lunatech about the history of the company. Among fierce competitors, Guus van Heijningen won the Kahoot Game. Congratulations to him !


We woud like to thank very much all the team of Lunatech, a Technology Consulting Firm specialists in Java and Scala, for hosting us in their offices : Nicolas Leroux, Nicolas du Manoir, Antoine Laffez,


We also would like to greet Kristian Voldrich from College Life Work, for his support for this event.


We truly hope that you enjoyed our Aperi’Tech yesterday and that the Tech sector has from now no secrets for you !


Discover below our photo gallery ! 



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