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Air Liquide presents ADVANCE - its new strategic plan for 2025

It places Sustainable Development at the heart of its strategy and combines financial and extra-financial performance.

With a strong business model which has proven its resilience, with its innovation capacity and its technological knowhow, the Group is particularly well positioned to continue its growth trajectory while contributing to respond efficiently to major economic, environmental and societal challenges.


Benoît Potier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Air Liquide group, stated :

“ In a world transformed by the covid epidemic, and marked by a geopolitical crisis whose dimension of humanitarian disaster is overwhelming, we have to act today but also keep preparing the future. With ADVANCE, financial performance as well as environmental and societal performances are combined in our objectives. For Air Liquide, building the future means delivering strong financial results, as it is a condition to our durability and our ability to invest for the future ; but it also means to act as a leader in decarbonization of the industry, to promote progress through technological innovation and to act for all. With ADVANCE, Air Liquide is opening a new chapter of its history by linking inseparably growth and sustainable future “.

To achieve a comprehensive performance, ADVANCE is structured around four priorities :


1 - To deliver a strong financial performance


With ADVANCE, Air Liquide is taking action today while preparing the future. It is rising up to an ambitious challenge : maintain its growth momentum while pursuing its CO2 emission reduction targets and investing in the markets of the future.


Three objectives define our ambition when it comes to performance :

  • An acceleration in sales growth reaching a pace of 5 to 6% on average per year[1].
  • return on capital employed (ROCE) of more than >10 % starting from 2023.
  • A reduction of our CO2 emissions in absolute terms starting around 2025.


To achieve this, we will rely on the optimization of our capital resources and on the improvement of our operating marginThe latter will improve by more than +160 bps over 4 years (2022-2025)[2], by acting on several levers: a dynamic pricing policy, regular efficiencies and an active management of our portfolio of activities.


At the same time, investment decisions will be increased to a record level, to reach about 16 billion euros over the 2022-2025 period, half of the industrial investments being dedicated to the energy transition[3]. On average, the annual amount of industrial decisions increases by + 45 %[4].


2 - To decarbonize the planet


With ADVANCE, Air Liquide confirms its leadership in the decarbonization of the industry and in the emergence of a low-carbon society in which hydrogen plays a decisive part.


The reduction of CO2 emissions is a major challenge for the large players of the industry and for heavy duty mobilityThis represents a pool of opportunities for Air Liquide. To address this huge market and to accompany its Large Industry customers in their path to decarbonization, the Group has a large portfolio of technological solutions and services. It notably includes the supply of low-carbon gases, CO2 capture and management, as well as solutions to transform our customers’ industrial processes. The Group is committed to decarbonizing its own assets - with the objective to start reducing its CO2 emissions in absolute terms around 2025. Within the context of its Sustainable Development objectives, Air Liquide aims to reduce by a third its emissions by 2035 and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 while supporting its customers in their decarbonization process.





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