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AGS KHZ | Looking back to 2020, looking forward to 2021

Despite a challenging year, AGS KHZ has been able to continue to develop and expand its services.

Needless to say, 2020 has been a very eventful year and a great challenge for many of us and some of these challenges will carry over into 2021. Despite these obstacles, AGS KHZ has been able to continue to develop and expand its services.

For example:

We developed a webinar / training course : Cultural Sensitivity in a Virtual Environment; in this new reality of Zoom / Teams calls with participants from around the world, a new challenge is managing cultural differences while meeting virtually. In this 4 module x 1.5 hour course, participants will create a deeper understanding how to understand cultural differences without the body language, hand shake and other cultural behaviors from meeting someone in person

We have successfully secured a number of contracts and entered into new partnerships through our alliance in the Global Mobility Company The Global Mobility Company is the one stop shop in Global Mobility; Relocation Services, Tax, Insurance, HR-support and Global Mobility consulting. Transferees often wish to have fewer contacts to manage throughout their relocation process. The Global Mobility company offers one point of coordination for all services to assist the transferee in keeping a clear overview and a feeling of staying in control.

AGS KHZ has developed an “a la carte” lump sum program to meet the ever increasing need for expats and Global Mobility professionals alike, for flexibility and the ability to choose the service they really want. Our move consultants are trained to listen to your needs and help customize the service package per relocating employee.

In 2020, AGS-KHZ earned its highest Customer Experience rating yet with a 98,1% use again rate over 2.273 relocations. An achievement that we are very proud of and expect to maintain throughout 2021.

While we all have to continue to cope with the impact of C-19, our AGS KHZ team is looking forward to a positive 2021 and will keep developing its service delivery to meet the new needs. As you are accustomed to from AGS you can count on service excellence no matter if you require International moving and/or Relocation Services. As a group, we keep investing in our global presence. We currently own and operate 144 branches in 96 countries.

Please feel free to reach out if you like to learn more about any of our services or like to sign up for our Webinar/Training course.

Michiel Delmonte - Head Business Development

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