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Mentoring | Duo Mentoring & Peer Coaching

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Inschrijven vóór : maandag 15 juli 2024 - 20h00 (UTC+2)


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Why should you take part in the program?

In a few key words, this programme is

- Innovative
There are two parts to this program:
o Peer Coaching
The pairs are made up of 2 peer mentors with similar professional experience & who can learn from each other.

o Duo Mentoring
Pairs are made up of a mentor and a mentee.

- Modular
You can (and we strongly recommend it!) be both Peer Mentor and Mentor. You can also opt to register for just one of these two roles.

- A tool you can use to promote, develop and congratulate your female talent in-house
By becoming a mentor, you give priority to your in-house talent to join the "Duo Mentoring" program as a mentee.

- Intercultural and intergenerational

- Flexible
You and your partner agree on the pace and methods of your exchanges.

Creating pairs

We'll do our best to form all the pairs, but it's possible that we won't be able to match all the registered participants. In this case, you will be given priority the following year.

The CCI will propose pairs to the mentors based on the responses & needs of both mentors and mentees. Mentees will then be informed.

An online meeting between mentor and mentee will be proposed before the program is launched to ensure that the pairings are a good match.

How does it work?

Step 1: Applications open until 24 Juni 2024

Step 2: Pairing of mentor/mentees (based on needs & profile)

Step 3: Online meeting between mentor & mentee (to take place before 30/08)

Step 4: Launch of the Program : Breakfast Session | 10 October 2024 (mandatory for all participants)

Step 5: 6 to 8 meetings between mentors and mentees (October 24 - May 25) 

Step 6: Mid-term virtual session| February 2025

Step 7: Closing session to share their experience and progress with each other | May 25


Are you as enthusiastic as we are?

Make sure you are part of this 1st cohort of the Peer | Duo Mentoring program by registering or by getting in touch with us.

More Information?

Sylvie Craenen Directeur
+ 31 20 562 82 10s.craenen(@)cfci.nl

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Manager Ledennetwerk en Evenementen
+31  (0)20 562 82 17

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