Phlecs is a spin-off from Royal Philips Healthcare, originating in 2019 in the Netherlands. The company pioneers a comprehensive UV-free blue light platform tailored for treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and associated itching symptoms. Already, Phlecs has successfully introduced a Minimum Viable Product across North Europe. This product, boasting a CE mark Class IIa certification, is available in prominent dermatology clinics, pharmacies, and rehabilitation centres.  

Recent clinical trials conducted by Phlecs unveil promising results: an impressive 85% reduction in itching and erythema, coupled with a remarkable 50% enhancement in patients' quality of life. With these findings, Phlecs has embarked on developing a patented Home Connected device, planned for launch in 2026. This cutting-edge device aims to deliver therapy directly to patients' bedsides, offering a safe, convenient, and effective solution for those grappling with moderate to severe eczema or itching. Notably, the cost of this innovative therapy is anticipated to be a fraction—10 to 20 times less—than current biologics therapies. 

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