Intratone focuses on simplifying the daily work of installers, administrators, and users through Intratone access control solutions. Our systems (unlike our competitors) use the mobile phone network as a basis, allowing for the setup of building access and communication without extensive wiring (except for power). This translates directly to shorter installation times, lower installation costs, reduced maintenance, and, most importantly, less environmental harm.

Because our systems are wireless, there is no need for separate handsets in homes or kilometers of wiring in large buildings, resulting in massive plastic and cost savings. Instead, users can open the building door or communicate with visitors using their phone, tablet, or PC.

As specialists in remote access control, Intratone also develops web interfaces that enable administrators to update real-time information and/or make changes without needing to be physically present on-site. This also results in massive environmental gains, as there is no need to drive on-site anymore. 

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