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Visit of the GrowWise Research Center

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Lundi 13 Avril 2020 - 12H00

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Signify (previously known as Philips Lighting) is developing the perfect blueprint for city farming production in the GrowWise Research Center on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. GrowWise stands for a smarter, more sustainable way of growing vegetables for urban populations. This is the largest research facility of its kind with a total growing surface of 234 square meters. Signify researchers are studying a variety of crops under different lighting and climate conditions.

The quality of a city farm facility depends on how well the lighting, climate control, software controls, sensors and logistics work together. GrowWise is designed with an integrated system that allows Signify to optimize its growth recipes which specify the ideal growing conditions for vegetables, fruit and herbs to achieve better results. This can range from a higher yield, enhanced taste and stronger plants to increased level of nutrients and vitamins in crops. They have demonstrated recently that particular light recipe can significantly change the taste and increase the vitamin C and K while reducing nitrate content in baby leaf greens.


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