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Business Development Award Frankijk-Nederland

Business Development Award Nederland-Frankrijk

Innovation Award

Entrepreneur Awards

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Business Development FR - NL  

Alstom develops and produces vehicles, equipment, systems and services for the railway sector such as trains, trams, metro’s, signalling systems, infrastructure and services like maintenance and modernization. With a focus on sustainable mobility, Alstom introduced recently several innovations like their passenger train on hydrogen and new e-busses. In the Netherlands Alstom has two sites: Utrecht as main office and center for signalling activities and Ridderkerk for maintenance and services activities. The products of Alstom in the Netherlands are: Urban transport: 113 trams in Rotterdam for RET, 72 tram trains in The Hague for HTM and 28 metro’s in Amsterdam for GVB. Trains: in summer 2016 Alstom signed a contract with NS for the delivery of 79 new intercity trains to operate on the HSL and on the core rail network in the Netherlands. Signalling: ATB, the train safety system on the core rail network, the new ERTMS safety system on the Betuweroute and the Hanzelijn, the new CBCT safety system for the Amsterdam metro network and ERTMS board equipment in a large fleet of freight locomotives.


HL TRAD is a European company founded in 2006 by two B to B language services specialists who aimed at building an innovative translation company focused exclusively on the legal and financial sector. Since 2006, HL TRAD has clearly stood apart from the rest through its desire to play a part in the everyday lives of people working in these sectors. Its specialist positioning, which is unusual for a language service company, has made HL TRAD a key partner to legal and financial professionals. This original and unique concept has today spurred remarkable growth as HL TRAD continues to expand throughout Europe. The HL TRAD office in the Netherlands offers the same extensive range of legal & financial translation services. Requests from Legal & Financial professionals based in the Netherlands are exclusively addressed by a dedicated Client Manager, Dutch-native and speaking Dutch (his mother tongue)

The Keolis Group is a world leader in public transport operations. Present in 16 countries, Keolis operates in urban, suburban, and regional networks on behalf of 300 local authorities. The Group carries over 3 billion passengers every year and operates a total of 10 different transport modes (metro, tram, bus, car, bicycle, …) across the entire mobility chain. A common goal: to provide passengers with a rewarding travel experience. Syntus is a public transport operator, subsidiary of the French company Keolis. Syntus means Synergy between train and bus. The operator propagates synergy, which is based on a so-called 'visgraatmodel' (fish bone model). In this model, train service represent the backbones. Bus services represent the spokes that feed train services. 30 million passengers are travelling on the four Syntus’ concessions today thanks to 585 busses, 9 trains and 340 bikes.



Business Development NL - FR

Amsterdam FashionWeek is the podium for Dutch and Flemish fashion designers and models, via it’s bi-yearly fashion show events and the platform Amsterdam FashionWeek has an impressive list of designers, curated, coached and presented by AFW, that have been scouted in Amsterdam and boosted their careers by showing their collections on the catwalk in Paris, and/or are working for French fashion companies. Several Dutch fashion models have been scouted in Amsterdam and have today become renowned models showing in Paris and other international fashion shows or have become the face of an international brand. 


HoSt is one of the largest suppliers of bioenergy systems in Europe. The expertise of HoSt lies in the technological development of the processing of biomass streams and the supply of systems for renewable energy from biomass. HoSt has over 25 years of experience in the design, construction and installation of turn-key bioenergy installations. HoSt supplies anaerobic digesters for agriculture and industry, biogas upgrading systems, wood-fired boilers and combined heat and power plants, and fluidized-bed gasifiers. In addition to the supply of complete plants, HoSt has developed a wide range of components for the optimization of bioenergy systems. HoSt also offers an all-in service and maintenance throughout Europe.

Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions from various Asian cultures, Rituals created an extensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products for home and body. Every product tells a unique story. Rituals aims to enrich your life by using natural ingredients and signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world's finest perfumers.

Rituals aims at helping people to find happiness in the small things in life, with their body care and home products. The sensational and high quality products of this unique luxury lifestyle brand have the capacity to change your everyday routines into more meaningful experience.



Partnership Award

Sloe Centrale BV is a local company in the Netherlands that produces electricity in a 50/50 partnership between EDF and PZEM (former DELTA). Sloe Centrale BV is a state-of-the-art gas-fired power plant. The special asset is the plant’s considerable flexibility. To get from a standstill to running at full power takes about thirty minutes, which can be accomplished with the flick of a switch. Very convenient, bearing in mind that the energy market developing constantly. Energy demand changes every minute. The plant’s flexibility allows us to follow the developments on the energy market and respond to them cleverly. The plant’s maximum generation capacity is 870 MegaWatt. This is sufficient to provide 2 million homes with all the electricity they need day after day on a 24/7 base.

The partnership between Squla and Nathan started in September 2016. Squla integrates the educative content from Nathan in their educational online gaming platform. Both brands are involved in the promotion of Squla in France. For Nathan, the added value is to have a digital product which can be used at home, fitted to the current needs for after-school learning. For Squla, the added value is to use Nathan's content to create educational games, as well as the benefit of their brand awareness in the educational sector. Squla and Nathan have now the first app and web live platform with educational content games in France.

The partnership between PeopletoPeople Group and Vitrum concentrates on the distribution of "PeopleCare", an e-coaching and e-learning program for managers. With this partnership, PeopletoPeople Group have the ambition to deliver E-coaching of excellent quality to the Netherlands. The Dutch Vitrum is a professional agency specialised in the best strategy advice in Human resources. With its knowledge of the Dutch market and the needs of the companies in terms of training, Vitrum is a privileged partner for PeopletoPeople. Thanks to PeopleCare, Vitrum benefits of an E-coaching platform, providing adaptable and customizable content to their clients. This platform enables Vitrum to take up the challenge of making professional coaching reachable for middle management.



Innovation Award

Olmix is a biotechnology company with an innovative technology based on patented seaweed extracts molecules. The company is producing and selling the natural additives for three groups: Animal Care applications (reduction of antibiotics), for Plant Care application (reduction of pesticides) and in Human Care (seaweeds molecules answering on human immunity). Olmix group is the unique worldwide player in finding and using this 100% natural technology, with the target to reduce the heavy chemistry and replacing this by New Blue Chemistry (coming from the sea). Nowadays, Olmix is present in more than 100 countries, they have 25 entities and employ 550 persons (150 persons in France, 70 in the Netherlands, and the rest in other countries in America, Europe and Asia).


SECURITAG SAS offers innovative services and products related to nautical activities. Their innovative product, the bracelet Sea-Tags, is a safety system that automatically triggers an alarm on your phone when someone falls overboard. Sea-Tags is compatible with most smartphones and uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology. You can simply download the free app and follow the instructions to connect your Sea-Tags wearables. With no installation required on your boat, the Sea-Tags MOB alarm system is the most affordable and easy to use on the market. 

The all-in-one shipping tool SendCloud helps retailers growing, by optimizing their shipping process. Via the plug and play integration with more than 25 shop systems, online retailers automate their shipping- and returns process which makes processing, sending and returning orders a lot more efficient. This is made possible by partnerships with different package delivery company’s in several countries. In just four years’ time SendCloud has grown to one of the fastest growing tech start-ups of Europe (TheNextWeb, 2016). The company is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France. The ambitions do not stop in Europe, SendCloud is on a mission to be world’s number one shipping tool. 



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