Trophées du Commerce France - Pays-Bas 2018

Les Trophées sont décernés dans six catégories, à savoir :

Trophée du Développement (FR-NL)

Lactalis, founded in 1933, is the world N°1 group in dairy product, collecting more than 19 billion liters of milk worldwide. Lactalis developed international brands such as: Président, Lactel, Société, La Laitière, Galbani, Salakis and Parmalat. Lactalis, by developing a “real know-how”, is the N°1 group in the AOC cheeses. Lactalis exports to The Netherlands since de 1990’s by proposing some French cheeses with his leading brand President. Since the 2000’s, Lactalis exports also Italian cheeses with the brand Galbani. Thanks to his success, Lactalis group created in 2015 a local company: Lactalis Nederland (in Breda).

Family business, producer, winemaker and trader. Les Domaines d’Auriol founded by Claude Vialade in 1995, is today one of the most important exporters of wines of the Languedoc Rouissillon area. Claude comes from a family of winegrowers in the Corbières. Their philosophy: reinventing craftsmanship on an industrial scale. Claude reinvents the “industrial craft”, considers the Dutch market requirements, respond to the specific need of typical and identifiable wines.


Naxco Logistics Benelux started in 2001 in Rotterdam, as ‘Smart Rotterdam Agency‘, being a branch office of the company SMART in Le Havre, which belonged already to the Naxco Group. They are the preferred partner for all transport and forwarding activities from the Netherlands in relation to France and more…
Road Transport, Shipping, Forwarding, Indermodal… Think France, think Naxco Logistics Benelux


Sia Partners is a global operational strategy consultant. They employ today over 1.000 consultants spread over all continents. Sia Partners puts in motion the strategy of their clients in the areas of: Energy & Utilities, Bank, Insurance, Telecom & Media etc. Strong of his introduction to consulting 4.0, Sia Partners commits to bring an innovative look and concrete results to their clients. The consulting 4.0 represents new possibilities for the consultant thanks to the use of technologies like Data Science, IA etc. In less than 20 years they brought the company from a local presence in Paris to a global brand for implementing strategy.


- VENTE PRIVÉE founded the online sales event concept and is the global leader in the sector. They are specialized in selling brand overstock. Online sales are exclusive to its 70 million members in Europe. Registration to the club is free and with no purchase obligation. Sales are for a limited time only (3 to 5 days) and are organized in close collaboration with over 7 000 major international brands in all product categories: ready-to-wear, homewares, wine, toys, sports, high-tech, etc.
They entered the Dutch market in 2007. It corresponds to a real demand and also to the strong potential to the Dutch market. Vente-Privé


Trophée Partenariat

With 189 winegrowers, Cellier des Princes is the only group of winegrowers in the Châteauneuf du Pape production area, and therefore turns to be a key winery in the most famous appellation from the Rhone Valley. We are also specialized in Cotes du Rhone and Varietal wines. Our estate grown wines receive multiple awards and high ratings every vintage. In 2018, Cellier des Princes and Baarsma are sharing their efforts to introduce together the Principauté d’Orange wine in the Dutch market, enhancing the existing historical and cultural bond between our two countries, since the Royal Dutch family still owns the throne of Orange nowadays. Cellier des Princes


Ecoxtinguish has been created in 2014 by two engineers experienced in the enginery. The partnership with CEREN is based on them being the knowledge center in France on fighting and preventing forest fires. CEREN is also certifying products to be used in firefighting forest fires and as a startup Ecoxtinguish has developed an 100% biodegradable and nontoxic additive especially for forest fire fighting. CEREN is looking for the best product to be used both from a perspective of extinguishing power and the environmental impact. Ecoxtinguish is doing the last tests at CEREN for the certification of their new product to be used as a Long-term retardant.


Sloecentrale is a state-of-the-art gas-fired power plant. Special asset is the plant’s considerable flexibility. To get from  a  standstill  to  running  at  full  power  takes about  30 minutes.  The  plant’s  flexibility  allows  us  to  follow  the developments  on  the  energy  market  and  respond  to  them cleverly.  The  plant’s maximum generation   suffices   to provide  2  million  homes  with  all  the  electricity  they  need 24/7. Sloecentrale is a real active actor for the energetic mix of  the  country  in  the  way  to  comply  with  environmental regulation and commitments but also participates positively to the trade balance


TIGER GRIP is a French engineering company that designs and develops a range of professional safety overshoes. All their products are dedicated to answer specific needs.After several years of R&D, the commercialization of their first product started in 2012. They are now the leader in Europe with a network of distributors and partners in more than 40 countries. The quality and robustness of their products remain their priority, their ambition is to continue their development by investing in product innovation. Their partnership with Cemex Trescon allows them to extend the assortment and build up international experience.


We Drive Solar is an electric carsharing project in Utrecht.Neighbors share several 100% electric Renault ZOEs, which are charged with locally generated green electricity, for a fixed amount per month.We Drive Solar offers Groupe Renault a living lab in which new technologies can be developed. The collaboration was established two years ago and shows promising results and future potential. With Groupe Renault’s choice to invest in providing cars with innovative bidirectional charging in a living lab in The Netherlands, each electric vehicle of Groupe Renault will soon have a Dutch flavor in its technological capabilities.


Trophée Starters

JIMINI’S, created in 2012, is an innovative, young company which develops and sells edible insect products. Their mission is to gradually introduce insects into our daily diet and help us discover their environmental and nutritional value, along with their fantastic taste.  They created 5 products ranges, around 3 categories: sharing (appetizer whole insects), cooking (whole insects to cook and season yourself, pasta with insect powder, 100% French honeys) and last but not least, the energy (high protein/high energy bars with cricket powder).


Forest Service France is an active actor in the forestry and logs trade in France. They specialize in supplying the top 10 largest European sawmills and wood transformation industries (OSB).
Thanks to the railways, their knowledge of complex logistics processes and their expertise in French forestry, they are the market leader in the timber trade between France and Germany as well as a pioneer in the field of rail transport combined with wood.


ThereSheGoes is a mobile app bringing together all initiatives BY and FOR women. It's the first SOCIABLE network for women who want to enjoy life OFFline. Worldwide, women are creating groups, NGOs, Associations… to support and inspire women but they don’t have the visibility they deserve. ThereSheGoes was created so women can make new connections, enjoy new experiences, explore new places or just hang out together. Its goal is to empower women by keeping communities thriving OFFline, be it for business or leisure, so they can do anything they want, anywhere, anytime.
Possibilities are endless.


Time For Wood is a pioneer in wooden accessories, with their collection consisting of sunglasses, watches and phone cases. Each piece of wood has its own patterns, so every product is completely unique. Nature being an endless source of inspiration. Their products are pure, peaceful and always surprising. Their travels and the wonders of nature are the inspiration for their collections made with beautiful natural materials.
Living in an urban jungle, we lose touch with nature. Inspired by the most beautiful places on earth, Time For Wood brings back a piece of nature into your life...

Trophée Tech

Transdev daily gives people the freedom to go and stand where they want, via buses, trains and taxis. Transdev, world player in the field of mobility, is active in the Netherlands in public transport under the Connexxion brand. Connexxion is at the forefront of offering innovative mobility solutions and is, with 18 transport area(concessions), the market leader in city and regional transport.Within the Netherlands, but also within Europe, Connexxion is the market leader in zero emission transport. By sharing the knowledge acquired with knowledge institutions and sister company Transdev France, they contribute to a more sustainable Europe.


Nowadays, data is king to make educated decision and steer your business and Cleeng is here to help you!Cleeng is an e-commerce platform that helps broadcasters and sports organizations sell their video content online. They support different business models: Live Pay-Per-View and subscriptions. Cleeng is not just a payment solution, they take
care of the authentication across device, the security of the video and end user support.


Stemcis develops, manufactures and commercializes sterile, single use, medical devices for autologous fat grafting in the plastic and reconstructive surgery field. These kits allow to optimize tissue grafting, leading to results far superior to other existing methods. The products can be used for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation  or  reconstruction,  or  for  gluteal augmentation. Efficacy is based on more than 5 years  of  Research  &  Development  on  adipose tissue, performed  in  collaboration  with  many plastic surgeons.


Trophée FinTech

With  a  cutting-edge  expertise  on  data,  Dalenys supports merchants to increase their revenue on every  channel, and  in  every  country  they  are located.  Thanks  to its  omnichannel  payment solution,  Dalenys  optimizes  online,  mobile  and in-store payments. With  a  three-fold  approach  as  acquirer,  PSP (Payment Service Provider) and business expert, Dalenys  offers  a  support  from  A  to  Z,  with  a comprehensive control of financial flows.Within the Natixis Payment Solutions ecosystem, Dalenys  is positioned  as  the  payment  solution dedicated to the big e-commerce and connected commerce   merchants,   in   France   and   on   an international scale.


Findio     provides     consumer     credit     in     the Netherlands and is the so called ‘direct’ brand of Crédit  Agricole  Consumer  Finance  Nederland. Credits  are  provided  directly  by  Findio  to the consumer and not via intermediary parties. The    customer    can    fulfil    the    entire    credit application  to  finance  his purchase  with  Findio within 5 to  10 minutes. This is possible because Findio’s solution is based on Straight Through Processing   (STP).   Each   step   is   digital   and
automated: the BKR credit check, calculating the Responsible  Credit  Limit,  the  upload  and  cross verification  of  the  documents  and  the  digital signing of the contract.


Sidetrade offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) for predictive solutions on the Sales-to-Cash cycle and by this, optimizes the customer lifetime value through their cloudcomputing platform.Complementary to customer relationship management (CRM) and integrated management software (ERP), Sidetrade technology uses artificial intelligence to develop sales, improve retention and predict customer behavior.Sidetrade allows their clients to better exploit internal and external data via algorithms and Machine Learning to take a competitive edge in their market and create value in a faster, simpler and more efficient way.In the Netherlands Sidetrade focuses mainly on industries such as professional services, transport & logistics, retail and wholesale.


Trophée de la Responsabilité Sociétale de l’Entreprise

ALD Automotive provides innovative mobility solutions for businesses and consumers. They aim to achieve their mission, ‘freedom through mobility’, in the most sustainable way possible. Customers can choose between a full range of products and services: long-term or short-term car leasing, electric transport, mobility advice and roadside assistance.

Their mission is reflected in their ALD Mobility Experience Centre (ALD MEC), Hoofddorp. This is a state-of-the-art space where customers can discover, through interactive media, what impact mobility has on companies or organizations based on the criteria of People, Planet and Profit (‘the Triple Bottom Line’) and set up a sustainable mobility plan on-site using serious gaming.


Boskalis came up with the concept of restoring marine ecology by creating new reefs using sand (local sediment) with 3D printing technology. It is executing a pilot project in the Larvotto Marine reserve in Monaco together with a number of partners including the University of Nice. Through the pilot, Boskalis is able to increase knowledge and experience with the designing, production, placement monitoring and performance of location-specific 3D printed reef with the ultimate goal of enhancing biodiversity in vulnerable marine environments. The concept of printed reefs using local sediment is a world’s first and developed by Boskalis. Ecomers, specializes in marine ecology, is Boskalis main partner in this groundbreaking project.


During its more than 140 years’ history FrieslandCampina has built up strong market and brand positions. Recognizable brands and discerning quality are their foundation. Providing the growing world population with the right nutrients in a sustainable way is one of FrieslandCapina challenges for the coming decades. By offering trustworthy, relevant and nourishing dairy products, FrieslandCampina contributes to food and nutrient security. Therefore, FrieslandCampina strives to minimize the pressure on natural resources and the environment. Via the cooperative their dairy members are all involved in FrieslandCampina sustainability program. As a world’s largest dairy co-operative and the fifth dairy companies worldwide, FrieslandCampina is setting the standards for sustainable dairy.


Launched in 2013, L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty With All program is in line with a long-standing tradition of responsibility and aims to transform the L’Oréa006C Group in order to have a positive impact on society and environment.

Completely integrated in L’Oréal’s value chain, Sharing Beauty With All sets out the Group’s sustainability commitments for 2020 and is based on four pillars: innovating sustainably, producing sustainably, living sustainably and developing sustainably.

Every year, L’Oréal provides a detailed, transparent breakdown of its Sharing Beauty with All program, with key performance indicators.


Total started a collaboration with the UWV / WSP Amsterdam (Dutch governmental labour agency) and agency DITIS.
The collaboration aims to support and recruit employees ( 55+ year and older) who didn’t have any prospects for a career restart. This program is a win-win because Total is supplied with qualified and experienced employees at the petrol sites in Amsterdam.
Senior people have a fresh start in their careers and receive coaching which results in a low fail-ure rate.

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